Hardy British Ferns

If you have always wanted to grow hardy ferns in the garden and have not been able to obtain them, or are not sure what their real requirements are, read on. Ferns grow best in semi-shade or full shade. Contrary to general opinion they do not require acid soil. They are perennial plants which, with age develop into big clumps with fronds of great beauty. Some varieties die right down in the winter and at the first sign of spring burst into life again. Other varieties remain green all winter with the fronds dying back when the new fronds develop in the spring. All varieties sold by us as hardy, are completely hardy in this country, many of them being native British ferns. All mail order ferns are dispayched ex 9cm pot and will transfer easily into the planting position. Every fern is labelled to variety, height and planting conditions necessary.


Ferns Suitable for Dry Shade: The asplenium, dryopteris and polypodium varieties will all tolerate dry as well as moist shade. These plants will need to be kept well watered during the first season, and when planting it is best to mulch with leaf mould, garden compost or bark rather than peat.