The Summer of 21

In the ever changing world that we currently live in I'd like to hopefully, put a few minds at rest.

There was as expected, a few drawn breaths at the mention of the National Collections leaving the nursery. Though this is a sad event, it was also inevitable  and we are very proud that these worthy collections have been passed onto the RHS's welcoming arms.

This does not mean, however, that we are closing. Far from it. And many of you will be pleased to know that instead it will allow us the freedom of time and production space to continue to provide you with the best selection of Pelargoniums available anywhere in the world. 

Whilst some of the houses are slowly and safely dismantled at the top end of the nursery, the sales areas will not change in the immediate future so we hope that you will continue to visit us and talk Pellie talk, Fern talk and even Ivy talk for a few years yet. 

And whilst I'm on the subject of Ivies, the large Show Ivies are up for sale at very reasonable prices for collection from the nursery only.

Here's hoping that for some of the summer of 21 at least, we get some good weather to enjoy our gardens.  

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